Estyn Report October 217

Our Estyn report has been published on the Estyn Website. We are thrilled to be able to share it with you all now. Everyone is very proud of the outcomes –  one Excellent and four Goods.

The following is taken directly from the start of the report:

‘The school provides a happy learning environment for all pupils and staff and standards of wellbeing are excellent.  Very strong partnerships with other institutions in the community, such as a local care home, enrich pupils’ learning experiences extremely well.  

Nearly all pupils, including those with additional learning needs, make good progress in their literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT) skills.  They achieve well by the end of key stage 2.

An imaginative curriculum engages most pupils in their learning successfully.  The overall quality of teaching is good.  Nearly all lessons are interesting and build well on pupils’ previous learning.  Most teachers’ day-to-day assessment of pupils’ learning is effective, and the new online assessment tool that tracks pupils’ progress through the school is bedding in well in most classes.

The headteacher provides strong, effective leadership.  Governors provide good support and are beginning to develop their roles as ‘link’ governors.  Staff work closely as a team and have a sharp focus on pupils’ wellbeing and the standards they achieve.  

Inspection area Judgement
Standards Good
Wellbeing and attitudes to learning Excellent
Teaching and learning experiences Good
Care, support and guidance Good
Leadership and management Good

An Excellent Practice Case Study will now be written, for Estyn to publish, about the impact of our dementia work.  Moreover, the content of the report clearly records the many positives about our school. Click on the link for the full version of the report.

Llanfaes C.P. School Estyn Inspection Report 2017