Information for parents in the event of a positive Covid 19 case in school


  • If your child receives a positive test result immediately contact the school. This can be done by phone (01874 623326) on a school day or by e mail ( at all times. The e mail address is monitored 7 days a week by Mrs Lawrence.
  • If a test is returned on a weekend inform us immediately using the email address above so that we can put in place the measures we need to as soon as possible.
  • When a positive test is confirmed, Mrs Lawrence immediately informs Powys County Council who in turn inform TTP (Test, Trace and Protect) and Public Health Wales. These bodies then work with the school to inform us of next steps.
  • Parents of the contact group involved will be informed immediately via Schoop. Initially everyone in the contact group will be told to self- isolate.
  • If you are told by TTP that your child must self-isolate this means you MUST keep your child at home. They MUST NOT come onto the school premises at all or go to other child care settings.
  • If a positive case comes to light during the school day, you will be asked to collect your child immediately from school, if they are in the contact group. For this reason, contact details MUST be up to date.
  • TTP will contact parents directly, via the telephone, to inform you if your child was a direct contact of the positive case.
  • After all parents have been verbally contacted TTP will issue letters to Mrs Lawrence which will be emailed out confirming the situation for your child in the contact group. These letters may take up to 48 hours to receive from TTP.
  • Only those in direct contact with a positive case need to self- isolate. This means that siblings or parents do not need to self-isolate. This aspect can seem confusing!
  • If whilst self-isolating your child develops any symptoms you should immediately contact 119 to organise a test.
  • Please also be aware, that the Health and Safety Executive can, at any point, check that we, as a school community, are doing all we can to remain Covid aware and safe.


We hope these points will clarify the process. Please note, these are correct at the time of writing them, but the situation remains fluid and as a school, we are constantly adapting to new guidelines and events!


Thank you for continuing to support us in keeping the children and adults in our school community safe.


Mrs Lawrence.


Welcome Back

The staff have been working hard over the last few weeks to make sure the school is safe and welcoming for your return – beginning tomorrow.

Mrs Lawrence has made a short video about your return, reminding you that some things are the same, some a little different.

Here’s the video.

We can’t wait to see you all!



School Return

As September approaches, please find key points from the full document shared before we finished in July. Each year group was individually notified on Schoop re whether to attend Thursday or Friday of the first week back.

 Returning to school – September 2020

1st September Re opening Preparation Day – all staff
2nd September Reopening preparation day – all staff
3rd September 50% of school return for day – organised alphabetically to ensure family groups catered for
4th September 50% of school return for day –– organised alphabetically to ensure family groups catered for
7th September School reopens for all children

Camau Bach opens

 Drop off and Pick up 

  • Only one adult to drop off/pick up
  • No adults to enter the school building or grounds
  • Please remain in your car until drop off/pick up time
  • No adults to congregate at front of school please use segregated areas.

Drop off

Entrance Hall Main Door Wooden Gates
8.50 am Y6 Y5 Y4
9.00 Y3 Y2 Y1
9.10   Reception class  


Pick up

Entrance Hall Main Door Wooden Gates
2.50   Reception class  
3.05 Y3 Y2 Y1
3.15 Y6 Y5 Y4

Camau Bach – please use usual entrance

Little Stars- To enter via Main Door at usual time

Medical Information 

Any child showing symptoms will be immediately isolated (isolation room will be in the Teacher’s Centre) and will have to be collected from school immediately.

All parents MUST update contact detail forms by Tuesday 8th September in order that we can comply with Track, Trace and Protect procedures and in case of a child becoming ill.

Here is a link to the full document as previously shared.

Llanfaes Parent Information – Returning to School Sept 2020

Learning Detective Group take over the Newsletter!!

As part of our Shout It Out Friday session, the Learning Detective Group have taken over the writing of the school monthly newsletter. Their first one has been produced and a link to it is below. They have independently decided on it’s content, written the articles and arranged it. We think they have done a great job using many skills. Can’t wait for January’s now!!

Newsletter December 2019





Urdd Eisteddfod 2019


We are very proud of our Parti Unsain group for participating so well in the recent Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay. The group performed to an excellent standard representing themselves and the school superbly. Gwych!!

School Council Have Their Say!

We are very proud of our new school councillors who recently participated in a Powys County Council ‘Have Your Say Day’ for primary school children. They participated in a variety of workshops, giving their views on a range of things about schools and education. They were certainly following Article 12 of the Rights of the Child. We look forward to seeing how their opinions affect schooling in Powys!


Llongyfarchiadau Camau Bach

Many congratulations to the children and staff in Camau Bach who recently received the Gwobr Bach a Iach Award for their work on food and fitness development in our 3+ setting. This is part of the Healthy Pre-Schools Scheme. Fantastic!

National Academy for Educational Leadership and Pioneer School status

Our school is considered across the County and the region of ERW as a progressive and innovative school. This is a clear recognition of the professionalism and dedication of all staff. As you know we are currently working as a Curriculum Pioneer School to help shape the new curriculum for Wales, a draft of which will be available in 2019. As Headteacher, I have been selected, along with 11 other Headteachers from across Wales, to contribute to another key Welsh Government initiative – the National Academy for Educational Leadership. It is a fantastic reflection on the school that we are involved in these reforms. The learning we bring back to school is invaluable and helps us to sustain our own improvement journey. Significant additional funding for being part of these has also enabled us to maintain staffing levels, send staff for training and fund projects in school, benefitting all pupils across the school.

Urdd Eisteddfod National Finals!!

Llongyfarchiadau to our Year 6 singing group for making the Urdd Eisteddfod National Finals. This was our first time competing in at least 14 years and the first time we were able to compete in a Welsh Learners category. The group performed superbly with many commenting on their Welsh pronunciation. Also shown is the day S4C came to film them for thier ‘Croeso i’r Eisteddfod’ programme!  Everyone was very proud of them. Gwych!!

Wonderful new IT equipment!!

A huge thanks to everyone for all the fund raising which has allowed us to purchase new IT equipment including 45 Chromebooks, a green screen, 4 of the newest ipads and updating some of our older PCs!! Everyone is keen to use them!