Ode to Llanfaes - written by a Year 6 pupil

At the end of last term, staff were thrilled to hear this Ode, written and read by Harri, who was leaving us at the end of his time in Llanfaes. Pob lwc Harri – we have fond memories of your time with us too!

Ode to Llanfaes

So it all began in 2011

When I started Tots and thought it was heaven

With Miss Jarman it was

Sticky fingers, runny noses

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes –es

On to Nursery with the wonderful Miss Thompson

Shapes and colour, ABC’s

Taking turns and 123’s

With Miss Bufton the year ended

Wish her time in Llanfaes

Could have been extended.

We were lucky to have Miss Thompson again

Until baby Harri was delivered by the crane

Mrs Purnell took over the reins

I remember lots of fun and games

On to Year 1 with Mrs Thomas

Or was she Miss Jones, I can’t quite remember

She really is the best

A very important staff member

The story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’

And trying new foods like lime and vanilla!

Mrs Francis we met in Year 2

But the months were too few

As you went off to have a baby

Could our paths cross again, one day- maybe?

Mr Davies – Year 3 was to be our first encounter

I learnt ltos by by favourite ws hearing about the Roman founder.

Mrs Thomas in Year 4

Lucky to have you once more

We share a love of Swansea City

But we didn’t play well –

Such a pity!

Year 5 was so much fun

To Manor Adventure, learned to shoot a gun

World War 2, Harry Potter

The great outdoors and why the world got hotter.

Mrs North you’ll always be my hero, making learning so much fun

I never thought I’d grasp it all, but you showed me how it’s done.

Mr Davies – to inspire and to motivate, so that I can learn and grow

To go into this big wide world that has it highs and lows.

In this challenging year just gone, we’ve learnt new ways of learning

I’ll miss your Flipgird updates and your funny ‘hwyl fawr’ I’ll be yearning.

Finally, Mrs Lawrence, when I first began in school, I found you a little scary,

But soon learnt you were more like a caring fairy.

The encouragement you bring

I think you deserve a BIG glass of GIN

Maybe make it two

As in this pandemic everyone has looked to you!

It just leaves me to say

As I go on my way,

Thank you for all you’ve done

You’ve made me feel Number 1.

You all gave me support, smiles and cheers

These memories will stay with me for years and years!!


Written by

Harri Dummett and his Mum!