Wonderful End of Term!

As the term drew to an end the whole school enjoyed many different activities. Our Year 6 wowed family and friends with their ‘I’m a Celebrity ‘ themed celebration, followed by a Leaver’s Assembly. The school were thrilled to be presented with a bench with an inscription from the 2022 Cohort. It read …

The bench will have pride of place on the yard, and offer a space for anyone to rest.

Other activities included forest fun, summer water games and a fish and chip lunch at the Prom!!

Water fun!! Some very wet children and staff.
Last day Y6 – fish and chips a the prom! c

At the Leaver’s Assembly our annual cups were awarded. The Wigmore- Wood Sporting Achievement Cup was won jointly!

The Marilyn Robert’s Citizenship Cup winner was …

Llongyfarchiadau to the winners – all richly deserved for all of their attributes consistently shown during their time at Llanfaes.

Fantastic return to Sports Day!

What a wonderful day – everyone back together for our whole school sports day. The children were magnificent not only in the manner in which they participated but also in the many, many ways they encouraged each other. It clearly demonstrated that they are respectful and supportive. We were so proud of them all. Llongyfarchiadau mawr! Brychan were the winning house!


Inspiring Visit from Mr Walker

What a fantastic visit from Mr Walker in assembly. Mr Walker participated in the Invictus Games recently in wheelchair basketball. His medal and wheelchair were fantastic. He shared with us his journey. Mr Walker talked about how everyone sometimes needs help and it is ok to ask. Also, he spoke about the power of friendship and perseverance. We can all be whatever we want to be! He also showed us how fast he can go in his wheel chair! Amazing. His daughter, in Year 5, is rightly very proud of her dad – and so are all of us!! Diolch yn fawr Mr Walker.

The whole school listened so well!
Bella even had a go in the wheelchair and did brilliantly!
Mr Walker showed us the speed he can reach in his wheelchair and then came to a complete stop! He left skid marks on the floor!!

Diolch Mr Walker – your message was powerful and heard.

Coronavirus & Blended Learning Information for Parents

What happens if we have a positive case in school?

Parent Information regarding a positive case occurring in school

Blended Learning

Parent Guide to Provision of Blended Learning

March 2022 – Latest Government Guidance


HOWEVER – we ask all parents to continue to be vigilant and test children if in doubt to prevent further spread as we continue to have cases across the school, causing disruption to learning. Thank you.

Easter Raffle

Tickets will be on sale for the Friends of Llanfaes Easter Raffle. All monies raised will be used for more outdoor equipment as identified by the Playground Buddies survey results. Diolch yn fawr.

360 On Line Safety Mark 2nd accreditation!

We are thrilled to announce that our school has successfully achieved the 360 On Line Safety Mark for the second time! Assessors stated,

‘… the contribution of young people has been significantly enhanced and they really do make a difference to ensuring everyone is safe on line’.

Obviously, during the current times, this is even more critical. Our huge thanks to our Digital Directors and the Shout It Out digital group for all of their fantastic contributions.

Ode to Llanfaes - written by a Year 6 pupil

At the end of last term, staff were thrilled to hear this Ode, written and read by Harri, who was leaving us at the end of his time in Llanfaes. Pob lwc Harri – we have fond memories of your time with us too!

Ode to Llanfaes

So it all began in 2011

When I started Tots and thought it was heaven

With Miss Jarman it was

Sticky fingers, runny noses

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes –es

On to Nursery with the wonderful Miss Thompson

Shapes and colour, ABC’s

Taking turns and 123’s

With Miss Bufton the year ended

Wish her time in Llanfaes

Could have been extended.

We were lucky to have Miss Thompson again

Until baby Harri was delivered by the crane

Mrs Purnell took over the reins

I remember lots of fun and games

On to Year 1 with Mrs Thomas

Or was she Miss Jones, I can’t quite remember

She really is the best

A very important staff member

The story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’

And trying new foods like lime and vanilla!

Mrs Francis we met in Year 2

But the months were too few

As you went off to have a baby

Could our paths cross again, one day- maybe?

Mr Davies – Year 3 was to be our first encounter

I learnt ltos by by favourite ws hearing about the Roman founder.

Mrs Thomas in Year 4

Lucky to have you once more

We share a love of Swansea City

But we didn’t play well –

Such a pity!

Year 5 was so much fun

To Manor Adventure, learned to shoot a gun

World War 2, Harry Potter

The great outdoors and why the world got hotter.

Mrs North you’ll always be my hero, making learning so much fun

I never thought I’d grasp it all, but you showed me how it’s done.

Mr Davies – to inspire and to motivate, so that I can learn and grow

To go into this big wide world that has it highs and lows.

In this challenging year just gone, we’ve learnt new ways of learning

I’ll miss your Flipgird updates and your funny ‘hwyl fawr’ I’ll be yearning.

Finally, Mrs Lawrence, when I first began in school, I found you a little scary,

But soon learnt you were more like a caring fairy.

The encouragement you bring

I think you deserve a BIG glass of GIN

Maybe make it two

As in this pandemic everyone has looked to you!

It just leaves me to say

As I go on my way,

Thank you for all you’ve done

You’ve made me feel Number 1.

You all gave me support, smiles and cheers

These memories will stay with me for years and years!!


Written by

Harri Dummett and his Mum!



Information for parents in the event of a positive Covid 19 case in school


  • If your child receives a positive test result immediately contact the school. This can be done by phone (01874 623326) on a school day or by e mail (office@llanfaes.powys.sch.uk) at all times. The e mail address is monitored 7 days a week by Mrs Lawrence.
  • If a test is returned on a weekend inform us immediately using the email address above so that we can put in place the measures we need to as soon as possible.
  • When a positive test is confirmed, Mrs Lawrence immediately informs Powys County Council who in turn inform TTP (Test, Trace and Protect) and Public Health Wales. These bodies then work with the school to inform us of next steps.
  • Parents of the contact group involved will be informed immediately via Schoop. Initially everyone in the contact group will be told to self- isolate.
  • If you are told by TTP that your child must self-isolate this means you MUST keep your child at home. They MUST NOT come onto the school premises at all or go to other child care settings.
  • If a positive case comes to light during the school day, you will be asked to collect your child immediately from school, if they are in the contact group. For this reason, contact details MUST be up to date.
  • TTP will contact parents directly, via the telephone, to inform you if your child was a direct contact of the positive case.
  • After all parents have been verbally contacted TTP will issue letters to Mrs Lawrence which will be emailed out confirming the situation for your child in the contact group. These letters may take up to 48 hours to receive from TTP.
  • Only those in direct contact with a positive case need to self- isolate. This means that siblings or parents do not need to self-isolate. This aspect can seem confusing!
  • If whilst self-isolating your child develops any symptoms you should immediately contact 119 to organise a test.
  • Please also be aware, that the Health and Safety Executive can, at any point, check that we, as a school community, are doing all we can to remain Covid aware and safe.


We hope these points will clarify the process. Please note, these are correct at the time of writing them, but the situation remains fluid and as a school, we are constantly adapting to new guidelines and events!


Thank you for continuing to support us in keeping the children and adults in our school community safe.


Mrs Lawrence.


Welcome Back

The staff have been working hard over the last few weeks to make sure the school is safe and welcoming for your return – beginning tomorrow.

Mrs Lawrence has made a short video about your return, reminding you that some things are the same, some a little different.

Here’s the video.


We can’t wait to see you all!